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Cheap digital Panoramaphotography






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  Those panos were shot in the middle of June 2000, from the top of a car. The first one had been converted to a QuicktimeVR, just click on it.

Adjusting colors and resizing were done with Adobe Photoshop, but any other imaging software should do the job either. The QTVR panorama had been made with the trial-edition of V-Stich...

QTVR: Lonetal
Near Breitingen in the Lonetal...

Parking over Breitingen...

Between Holzheim and Weidenstetten...

Just a slight modification is needed to shot textures from objects, obviously you get the best results from round objects.
(VRML 2.0 capable browser? Click on the image for a 3D view...)

VRML view
An old can of my favorite raviolis...