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Cheap digital Panoramaphotography






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NEW: Version 2

It is obvious that the panorama scanner consists mainly of the original hand scanner and parts out of a construction kit - any kind should do the job.

The old cornflakes pack reduces friction on the base plate...

Because of the gears low torsion against the shaft, it had to be used twice.

The one and only part of the scanner which had to be fixed more permanently: the connection cable between electronic and motor had been soldered to prolongen it.

The friction drive of the original scanner works astonishingly well, rotating the plattform...

The end-of-paper swich had been mounted on top, for easy use. It has to be blocked while a scan is on the way.

One more view - mind your fingers. The zoomed picture shows the high voltage region of the electronics - this is intended to drive the fluorescent tube and gets a voltage of several hundred volts!

please pay ATTENTION!

Version 2

After improving the optics it became clear, that the motor concept wasn't really good: there were steps in the scanned image.

So the drive had been completely rebuild: instead of the original scanners motor one of the construction kit was used to drive the plattform directly.

To get the motor to a lower speed for the parallel port of the computer is not very fast, battery power is reduced with a voltage controller 7805...

All in all: Have Fun!