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Cheap digital Panoramaphotography






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The main optical element - a slit in front of the CCD. The paper-blind helps to reduce disturbing light.

The first pictures were, what a shame, not sharp. Something which was to be expected, because the viewing distance of the original scanner is about 10cm (4inch).

At least we learned how to calibrate the colors using the RGB potis.

Maybe a bit too naive, but it's only the results which count:

The most short-sighted friend had to tell, up to which distance he recognizes something as sharp. Rule of three and we had the dioptren to correct the scanners optic.

A gentle optician donated old glasses for the experiment.

Jenoptik, Munich donated an Infrared filter to minimize some strange effects with the CCD. In daylight the sensor was overexposed all the time and the green of plants looked violett without the Filter...

Important again the blind to reduce light reflects...